Hu me? (Who am I)

I’m obviously one naive woman who wants to discover where I am good at.  I’m still a work-in-progress. 🙂

2017 Update:

  • I am still a work-in-progress.
  • I am currently at a crossroad, torn between letting go and moving on or staying.
  • I love intimate moments with friends.
  • I want to see my family.
  • I want to explore the world
  • I am still naive
  • I am very talkative
  • I’m an ambivert
  • I’m sapiosexual and demisexual
  • I’m an INTJ (according to my character analysis assessment)
  • I think I have depression (hmmm….)
  • I still work abroad
  • I am currently on my own, and…
  • I’d love to know you.

My blog has no theme. It is usually rants, not much raves. I write mostly in English but I speak always in Tagalog (unless with foreigners).

Interesting (not-so interesting) facts about me:

1.  I am a picky eater. It maybe hard to believe considering I’m voluptous (I don’t like the word “fat”).
2.  Don’t have sweet-tooth… except for chocolates
3.  I am an introvert who loves to talk about herself. Huh!
4.  Love to surf the net. That’s what I do most of the time.
5.  I work abroad for the past 6 years…. and counting
6.  I am an English Teacher… Who knew? hahahaha! :))
7.  I love watching movies – genres:  horror, comedies, suspense, romantic comedies and animation.
8.  I’m kind of lazy.
9.  Potentially have OCD… Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Don’t know why. A bit neurotic, I guess.
10.  I am a frustrated WRITER. That’s why I blog…

You can find out more about me at:  Slambook Ko!

Discover how shallow or how deep I can be. I’ll leave the impression to you


94 thoughts on “Hu me? (Who am I)

    • hahaha! taboo? syempre.. rude kasi yung isang word eh…

      as for the mystery… bakit ba? kanya kanyang diskarte yan… tingnan mo si buhaylibro… hahaha! :)) thanks for dropping by


    • of course, i don’t mind if you follow me.. as long as it’s not the stalker type… LOL! thanks for dropping by and see you around! 🙂


  1. hey there, another Frustrated writer here,,
    hahahaha,, gustong gusto ko talaga mga blog mo. may puso ( atay at balun balunan.) hahahaha,, just kidding. keep writting..!!


    • hahah! lahat ng laman loob, nandito na sa blog na ito.. heheheh! thanks for dropping by… continue writing and would love to read more of your posts. see you around. 🙂


    • sorry ngayon lang ako nakareply… pero hirap i-explain no? (ang pagiging picky eater) ganun talaga ang life! hehehe!


    • Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I do have other blogs. Their links are on the right column.
      “The Great Writing Challenge”, “The Chronicles of Bebekoh” and “Christian Money Talks”


    • Honestly, I can’t. I maintain this one, but still not enough. There are times I get writer’s block. But I commit to write at least one post per month in each blog. That’s easier.

      Also, each blog has different niche. I post random stuff here. Personal finance in the “Christian Money Talk”, Writing challenge in the other one, and Random English post in the “Chronicles”.

      I admit, I haven’t been writing to the other blogs recently. But hopefully will do when time permits, still busy at work.


  2. Hey. I’m an English teacher, too and a frustrated writer! Well, actually, I’m teaching Edukasyon sa Pagpapakato currently (but still, my major is English.hehe). Nice to have stumbled upon your blog! I’d love to meet Filipino bloggers. 🙂


  3. I was reading your 1-10 list about yourself, and I was like, “She’s describing me!” Haha! We have a lot in common, except that I’m not voluptuous…I’m the opposite. ^^*Nice to meet you and I’ll be following you and hope to have more interaction with you. Keep blogging!


  4. Hey! Thanks for liking my ‘about me’ page! Newbie lang ako sa blogging and hindi pa ako ganun ka-fluent sa English kaya pasensya na sa mga nababasa mo sa site ko ha… lol


    • thanks for “liking” my page as well… Ok lang, we’re not native English speakers anyway. kahit naman native English speakers na, hindi rin sila ganun ka conscious sa English nila.

      Thanks for visiting and keep posting… 🙂 see you around.


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