GET IT NOW! For a limited time offer…

What did you feel when you saw the title?Did I entice you?Did I tickle your curiosity? These are the ads I see frequently whenever I go through hundreds upon hundreds, or better to say thousands, of freelancing courses. I have gone through most of them. I even signed up for a few free webinars and […]

Are you a Rockstar?

Why did you ask? Might be someone’s response. But that’s actually the question I saw when I was submitting my applications as a Virtual Assistant. I guess it’s a Real Estate term. It draws me to “Rockstar VA” on the title for those looking for Virtual Assistants. Then, they’ll enumerate all the responsibilities of a […]

A Year in a Glance – 2020 (lookback)

What a journey it has been… When I look back on 2020, it seemed as though the time stood still. It was a long arduous journey. It doesn’t look like it will come to an end. The world, as we know it, turned upside down and it seems to be taking longer. 2020 had also […]

My Goals for the year 2021

Now that Christmas day had passed and we are all looking forward over the next few days till new year, I came up with few goals I wanted to achieve this coming year. It’s not the cliché stuff like, dieting and losing weight. But it doesn’t mean that’s not part of my goal, LOL! I […]

Why being an expert in your field is not enough?

In this ever-changing, fast-paced world, technology is dominant. We are always working on our asses yet, there will come a time when you feel burned out and you wanted more. You miss it. What’s that MORE that you are looking for?I’ve asked myself that. It wasn’t enough that I have a great job, get along […]

Wish I’d known before I started teaching online

WISH I’D KNOWN BEFORE I STARTED TEACHING ONLINE When I applied as an online ESL teacher, I was one of those naive, enthusiastic, and innocent applicants. I was so eager and excited to be sharing what I learned. In fact, during the interview and demonstration, I was so nervous, you can tell in the video […]

When at home.. quarantine be like!

It has been a few days after the announcement of enhanced quarantine.  I’m starting to feel suffocated.  I can’t go out.  Roads are unpassable and there were no events held. I understand the need to implement strict rules and I am all for adherence to the law.  As much as I want to complain that […]

We’re on lockdown – Community Quarantine in Metro Manila

As of 12 midnight of 15 March 2020, the government has declared Metro Manila to be under community quarantine.  This means if it’s not urgent or important, you’re not allowed to come in or out of Metro Manila. Employees working in Metro Manila but living outside the metro can still come in and out as […]

Health is wealth – being healthy in an unhealthy society

I’m not really one to post about health when I’m unhealthy myself. I don’t eat healthy. I don’t exercise – at least not as much. But I’ve always been in pursuit of good health. I’ve worked in healthcare for years. I saw a lot of sick people. I read their reports and heard their stories. […]

Good and Bad Rating

I finally got a job. I am now officially an online English tutor. It’s still a work in progress and i’m still on the getting the hang of it stage. I got to admit, i am camera shy. So i really need to get over the camera shyness and be comfortable with showing myself online. […]

I finally got a job…

So the good news is, I finally got a job.  I got two actually – one online, one office-based.  It is both nerve-wracking because it is totally new, and terrifying like going on your first day of school where you have to make an impression.  Well, having such a unique name already made an impression.  […]

When an idea strikes

Do you only write when the mood strikes? What happens when you had a great idea, nowhere to write and in an unexpected place? Unfortunately for me, some ideas come when I’m taking a shower.  I guess the context of getting clean also triggers my creative juices.  There’s also something scientific about it.  According to […]

Overcoming what’s weighing you down (throwback)

GETTING REAL I can’t post my picture here but years ago, I had a lot of burdens, literally and figuratively.  I was overweight, I think already considered obese, and was in denial.  Whenever I look at my photos from years before that, I have always been chubby / curvy.  But I was confident in my […]

Adventures of a Serial Interviewee

It has been months and i haven’t had any concrete plans nor do i have a job. And it’s not because im lazy but im still confused as to where God is leading me. Anyway, i have gone to few interviews – online and onsite. I must say, i still got it. However, i dont […]

When things are out of hand

Hello. It has been a while since I’ve written anything. Life just got a bit more complex for me. As a matter of fact, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and if i could just turn it around, i would undo it. But it happened already. Now it’s time to grow up, stand up, move […]

Recap 2018, Start of 2019

Before 2018 ended, I faced a lot of hurdles, obstacles, struggles, etc. Call it whatever you want. But it had been a challenging 2018. 2018 gave me: Unemployment (my contract’s not renewed) Difficulty in obtaining clearances to leave the country i stayed for more than a decade. Hiding from my friends and acquaintances because i […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I don’t know what to say. I probably would sound insensitive but I really am going blank.  I just feel that when I write, I pour a little of myself in each composition.  I am not expecting anything, I’m not even expecting it to be read.  But here we are. 🙂 I am really blessed […]

What makes me happy?

It’s the simple things that makes me happy. 🙂 (no particular order) Coffee Dishwashing (something therapeutic about it) Walks Movies Books YouTube funny clips Friends Dinner Pinterest Music / songs Random Acts of Kindness Cuteness overload Journaling / bullet journal / bujo design Food Chocolates Adele’s songs Walks on the beach Sunsets / Sunrises Moon […]

Online Relationships: Do they work?

Just a thought… I’ve read about it, talked about it, haven’t tried it.  I thought I could but I guess I’m too cautious for men’s liking. I am fond of chats.  I’ve met incredible people online and have kept in touch with them though I haven’t met them in real life.  Friendships can really form […]